How to Build a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard

Most people would rather have less, not more, flying insects in their yard.
Butterflies, however, are often an exception to that rule. These winged creatures
bring colorful beauty and charm to almost any backyard space, and they’re
a sight that everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy.

The Beautiful Monarch Public Group | Facebook
The Beautiful Monarch group was created to teach members
how to raise and properly care for the monarch butterfly from
egg to flying adult along with learning about their predators,
diseases and other monarch facts. It is my hope that as a collective
group we will help and teach one another along with any new
members that join us. Please check out our extraordinary
files section for tons of monarch information too!

Bring Back The Monarchs


Monarchs and Migration (14k)
Teachers, students, and families across the country are exploring 
Monarchs, butterflies, and the mystery of migration. 
You're invited to join us.  Click Here!

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change


Monarch Butterfly

Great Organizations:

Monarch Watch (

Journey North (

Monarch Teachers Network

Monarch Joint Venture (

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (

Monarch Butterfly Fund (

MonarchLive (

How to help 

Monarch Butterfly Site 

Journey North  

Make Way for Monarchs 

Monarch Butterfly USA 

North American Butterfly Association 

The Butterfly Site 

Conservation Library

Tools and Supplies for Raising Monarchs - My Monarch Guide

Butterfly Farming Supplies and Equipment

Butterfly Farming Supplies




Great Books (in no particular order other than audience):

For Adults…

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies, by Carol Pasternak

Milkweed, Monarchs and More, by Ba Rea, Karen Oberhauser and Michael Quinn

The Last Monarch Butterfly, by Phil Schappert

Wings in the Meadow, by Jo Brewer

Four Wings and a Prayer, by Sue Halpern

The Monarch Butterfly: A Fragile Tissue in the Wind, by David W. Bouton

The Monarch Butterfly: Biology and Conservation, by Karen Oberhauser, et al

The Monarch Butterfly: International Traveler, by F.A. Urquhart

The Monarch Butterfly: Uniting a Continent, by Karen Oberhauser, et al

Nomads of the Wind, by Ingo Arndt, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld and Peter Huemer

A Field Guide to Monarch Caterpillars, by Karen Oberhauser and Kristen Kuda

Monarch Butterflies, Mysterious Travelers, by Bianca Lavies, Dutton

The World of the Monarch Butterfly, by Eric S. Grace

Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for Environmental Harmony, by Bormann, F, D. Balmori, G. Geballe


For Kids…


An Extraordinary Life: The Story of the Monarch Butterfly, by Laurence Pringle

The Travels of Monarch X, by Ross E. HutchinsMonarch!

Come Play with Me, by Ba Rea

A Monarch Butterfly’s Life, by John Himmelman

The Prince of Butterflies, by John Clapp

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!, by Sam Swope and Sue Riddle

Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way, by Elizabeth Ring

Monarchs, by Kathryn LaskyJ is for Journey, by Anne Powers

Monarch Magic, by Lynn M. Rosenblatt

Monarch Butterfly, by Eric S. Grace

Milkweed Visitors, by Mary Holland



Astral Butterflies
Shows and describes butterfly species, their beauty and behavior, and plants for attracting them to your garden. 
Bloom's Butterfly Garden Basics
A butterfly garden planned and built by Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Copy of plans, plants used and butterfly basics. 
Butterfly and Bird Gardening
Information on plants and shrubs specific to Florida to attract wildlife. 
The Butterfly Garden
Active forum provided by Ask questions, give answers. 
Butterfly Gardening
Factsheet from Clemson University on designing a home garden to attract butterflies. Includes lists of nectar and larval food plants. 
Butterfly Gardening
Tips from the Montreal Botanical Garden's Green Pages on how to make a garden that will attract butterfiles. Advice on planning the garden and choosing plants. 
The Butterfly Site- Butterfly Gardening Articles
Articles on butterfly gardens, plants, and attracting butterflies to your garden. 
Christina Mild's Rio Delta Wild
Articles about plants native to southernmost Texas, including notes on their use by butterflies. 
Flying Flowers
Butterfly gardening in Florida. Lists of garden plants and how to grow them, information on butterflies and how to attract them, and how to raise caterpillars and butterflies. 
Glorious Butterfly
Step by step instructions on raising Monarch and Swallowtail Butterflies. Create a butterfly garden using nectar and host plants. Learn about the Monarch Migration. 
How to Make a Butterfly Garden
Instructions and pictures of correct plants, placement, preferred colors and butterfly anatomy.
Articles about how to attract egg laying butterflies and the resulting caterpillars to your yard and how to raise them into butterflies in your home.
Kingston Field Naturalists
A non-profit charitable organization, is to stimulate public interest in nature, the protection and preservation of wildlife, and to acquire and provide knowledge of natural history.
Monarch Watch : Butterfly Gardening
Host plants and gardening tips to attract the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus.
Naturearc Butterfly Culture
Information about live butterfly and pupae and educational tips about butterfly gardening.
Obsession With Butterflies
Butterfly lifecycle education, photos, butterfly gardening and conservation.
Plants for Attracting Butterflies in Central North Carolina
Notes on over 60 plants that attract butterflies and do well in the Piedmont of NC, with a list of local sources.
Smithsonian Butterfly Habitat Garden
Garden in Washington, D.C., with lists of host plants, tips and articles.
Victoria Butterfly Gardens Images
Image gallery of the Victoria Butterfly Gardens located in Brentwood Bay.
Jim P. Brock - The Butterfly Man
Personal page of the co-author of several popular butterfly books. 
Kim & Mike on the Road
Photo gallery of butterflies of northeastern Mexico and the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 

Nelson's Butterfly Page
Photographs of butterflies taken in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Mexico.
North American Butterfly Association
A membership-based not-for-profit organization working to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies.
Atala Chapter of NABA
Based in Palm Beach County, Florida. Events, species list, local places to see butterflies, and Atala species account. 
Butterflies Along Alaska's Hiking Trails
Photos and information about Alaskan butterflies by Mary Hopson. 
Butterflies and Their Larval Food Plants
Photographs and detailed descriptions of the butterflies and their foodplants of Orange County, California by Peter J. Bryant and Larry Orsak of the University of California, Irvine. 
Butterflies of Arkansas
Checklist, maps, and photos from Herschel Raney's site. 
Butterflies of Dallas County, Texas
Annotated checklist with specimen photos, guide to area hotspots, sightings, and resources. 
Butterflies of Massachusetts
Photos by Marj Rines. 
Butterflies of New England
Photos and annotated links. 
Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona
Bruce Walsh's illustrated checklist. 
Butterfly Enthusiasts of Southeast Texas
NABA chapter based in Houston, Texas. Calendar of events, photo gallery, and information on gardening for butterflies. 
Butterfly Society of Virginia
Includes society information, feature articles, events, kids' section, list of common butterflies and their host plants, and gardening tips. 
Carolina Butterfly Society
Club for butterfliers in North and South Carolina. Field trips, articles, butterfly gardening, reports, checklist, and photo gallery. 
Subscription management and archive for the e-mail group for butterflies (and moths) in the Carolinas. 
Claire Curry's Butterfly Photos
Gallery of photos mostly taken in Wise County, Texas. 
Common California Butterfly Species
Images and information about host plants. 
Connecticut Butterfly Association
Promotes the awareness and appreciation of butterflies and moths. Field trips, programs, checklist, species accounts, and field notes. 
Connecticut Butterfly Atlas Project
Distribution maps for all species and species lists for all quadrangles of the state. 
Dave Powell's Butterfly Site
Video capture images of North American butterflies, mainly from California and Florida. 
Dorothy Pugh - Butterflies
Photos of butterflies by family, mostly from the North Carolina Piedmont region. 
Eastern Washington butterflies
Photographs and information on 65 species. 
Eugene-Springfield Chapter of NABA
Based in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon. Meetings, count results, sightings, butterfly gardening, and list of common species. 
Florida's Butterflies
Information on gardening for butterflies, accounts for 10 common species, state checklist, photos, and resources.
Georgia Butterflies
Jim Flynn's site with a species list, a photo gallery sorted by county, and links.
Grand Prairie Butterfly Club
Based in east-central Illinois. Field trips, butterflying basics, and other information.
Jay Cossey's Butterfly Gallery
Photographs of butterflies in Ontario, Canada and butterfly photography tips.
Jeff Pippen's Butterfly Page
Photographs and information on about 300 species from North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere.
Massachusetts Butterfly Club
Field trips, programs, and contact information.
North America Butterfly Photos
Gallery of close-up digital photos of 266 butterfly species, mostly taken in North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Oregon.
North Jersey Butterfly Club
Meets in Morristown. Events, butterfly sites, and links.
E-mail discussion group for butterfliers in New York state.
Ohio Butterfly Species
Checklist, photos, and publications, with detailed species accounts (including distribution and flight periods) for 12 common species.
Orange County Chapter of NABA
News and events, photos, and gardening.
Saint Louis Chapter of NABA
Based in St. Louis, Missouri. Events, newsletter, photo gallery, checklist, and gardening tips.
Sarasota County Butterfly Club
NABA chapter based in Sarasota, Florida. Programs, photo gallery, brochures, events, and contacts.
South Texas Butterfly Club
Based in Mission, Texas. Events, specialties, hotspots, checklists, field notes, articles, and links.
Southern California Butterflies
Photographs of the butterflies of southern California and their host plants.
E-mail group for discussion of butterflies in southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona, Baja California, and Sonora.
Tulsa Butterfly Resources
Field trips, Oklahoma butterfly watching locations, and links.
Archives and subscription management for the e-mail group for butterfliers in Texas.
E-mail group for butterflies (and moths) in Virginia.
Windows On Nature - Butterflies
Photo gallery by John D. Ingram from the Austin, Texas area.
Wisconsin Butterflies
A guide to the butterfly species of Wisconsin, including species accounts, lists by county, and links.





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