A number of online tools allow you to create petitions and collect signatures at no cost, but then charge for certain services, such as promoting the petition on the vendor’s homepage, or granting access to the full list of signatures. For organizations creating one-off or infrequent petitions, these tools provide a simple and easy-to-setup solution, but only basic petition functionality. Use such sites with care. Make you’re able to export data about your supporters from the website, check that the costs are explained up front, and ensure that the site does not retain the right to email the people who sign your petition, as this is seen as spam.
Options include:
SignOn (
Recently developed by, SignOn is still in beta testing stage, but provides a simple, free petition tool that lets you download the list of names as a .PDF, which is useful for delivering the petition but not useful for a pledge.
Change.Org (
This popular, simple petition tool allows you to create a petition for free, but charges a fee for exporting or downloading the final list. It does have a sizeable, active community, which makes it an attractive option for more reach.
The Petition Site (
One of the oldest online petition tools, this site run by Care2 offers free basic features, similar to, but charges fees to promote the petition or download the names.
Causes (
Mostly known as a fundraising tool, this site provides some basic petition and pledging abilities that let people stand up and be counted. Because it integrates with Facebook, Causes is easy for Facebook users to pass on—a useful feature for those with active audiences on the social networking site.  

Online form builders
These tools, like Wufoo or FormSite, let you create online forms and collect data, and could support a simple petition. While it won’t be easy to display the list of people who have signed with these tools, they offer inexpensive ways to create a forms, integrate them into your own website, and download signers without additional charge.




Sizing up your options & strategies for being effective with your online petition drive

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