Simple Rules

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Simple Rules

from admin on 08/16/2014 09:35 PM

Forum Guidelines


Code of Conduct - we want you to have the freedom to express yourselves but a few rules never hurt, right?

• Be nice! No flaming. Many posters come here for information, not to be called names.

• Please respect the different backgrounds and education of posters—especially when it comes to diverse perspectives.       The best thing you can do for the less experienced perso is offer your advise politely.

• No one needs to hear you correct them on proper grammar and spelling. Let's talk butterflies, not the difference between affect and effect.

• Don't gang up with other posters against one person. It's not nice!

• Did I mention you should talk about butterflies? Cool! Now get to it and have fun!

• MCN has the right to remove any profile, discussion, photo, video.

• Promoting personal fundraising campaigns and merchandise in support of your cause is permitted, as long as they are promoted in relevant discussions. Please do not leave comments for others advertising your merchandise.

                                                                                                      - Thanks, Tim 



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